Step 3: Complete the the 2021-2022 Required Online Training Course

We will be using the NFHS online courses for a good portion of the training this year.

Course Completion Certificates are for your use only, we are using the honor system, no reason to send to us. 

Here is how to create an account with NFHS:


Step 1: Sign In

Step 2: Access your NFHS Course Dashboard (

Step 3: From your “Dashboard,” click “My Courses” and select the “Active” tab

Step 4: Click “Begin Course” on the course you wish to take


The following are Required:
·         Concussion in Sports
·         Sudden Cardiac Arrest
·         COVID-19 for Coaches and Administrators
·         Interscholastic Officiating
·         Officiating Soccer: Fouls and Misconduct
·         Officiating Soccer: Offside Rule
·         Officiating Soccer: Pre-Game Conference for Officials
·         Sports Nutrition

 Sideline Behavior (Choose at least 2 of the following)
·         The Parent Seat
·         The Parent Seat: A Lasting Relationship
·         The Parent Seat: Beyond The Scoreboard
·         Engaging Effectively With Parents
·         Positive Parenting within School Programs

Miscellaneous (Choose at least 2 of the following)
·         Bullying, Hazing and Inappropriate Behaviors
·         Heat Illness Prevention
·         Protecting Students from Abuse
·         Social Media
·         Sportsmanship

Following this course, please complete Step 4 by reviewing the 2021-2022 Rules and Supplemental Training Materials.

The exam with the links for ENG and SPA will also be posted as Step 5, stay tuned.

There is plenty to keep you busy for the next few days.

Have fun,