Rain Procedures

Here's the steps to follow if you have a game and it might be rained out.

I suggest you email the AD and admin in the morning to confirm the game. Make sure they have your mobile number. If a game is canceled, the school is requested to contact you by phone. Once they notify me that a game is canceled I put the rainout in Arbiter which sends you an email. So please check your email and Arbiter during the day.

Email the school early, but do not call the school until after 1:00. Ask for the A D or the Athletic Admin Secretary. Please record their name and what they told you. If a game is canceled after 1:00 and you do not receive a call from the school then you are entitled to a 1/2 fee if you show up at the school. But only if you have emailed or called them during the day. They aren't giving money to you if you don't try to learn if the game is on or off.

It's always tricky with the rain, so please follow these instructions.

By the way, we do play soccer in the rain. Especially if it's on turf fields. So be prepared for a cold wet day and hopefully you have purchased thermal shirts to keep yourself warm. I'm also O K with wearing sweatpants if it's cold and rainy. 

Stay warm and stay healthy people. Have fun out there!