School Mandated COVID Procedures

The following schools have COVID policies in place for sports officials. Our association is agnostic about these procedures. Just to be sure though, if you show up to one of these campuses and don't have the proper documentation then you will not be officiating that day. This is the schools' or district's choice as to how they handle the situation on their campuses.

Sage Hill

Upon arrival at Sage Hill School you must provide at the security gate either:

  1. Proof of vaccination or
  2. Proof of a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours, along with a photo ID to enter campus. Store bought COVID tests not accepted – the result must be on a dated official lab report.


Tustin Unified (Foothill, Beckman and Tustin High School)

If you referee for the Tustin Unified School District please use the following link to upload your vaccination records before you head to the game:


Turning back games with COVID restrictions

If you are assigned to a match at one of these schools now and want to be removed, please email our assignor and provide the game number. You will not be charged any fee for a turnback in this circumstance. Just don't do it the morning of the game.