Here are some links to resources we've curated:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -

Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center -

Information on Unemployment Filings relaed to Coronavirus for CA -

Find a mutual aid group (AARP) -

Send equipment to health care workers: Use to send spare N95 masks and surgical masks to individual health care workers, or use to see what health care centers in your community need and how to donate.

Guide on taking care of disabled and immuno-compromised friends: Notes on equitable care from a chronically ill human in the Seattle area.

Learn to disrupt racism: This is a skill we all need to have all the time, and developing it now will help address the rising rate of hate crimes against Asian communities we're seeing in response to the coronavirus.

How to make masks, hand sanitizer: Several clear, step-by-step, practical guides.

Donate to relief funds: Millions have been hit with joblessness, with vulnerable communities often receiving the hardest hit or being excluded from stimulus efforts. There are countless ways to contribute—like the linked fund to provide rent relief to undocumented communities in Seattle, this Twitter thread of queer/trans artists in the gig economy, or the One Fair Wage relief fund for tipped and service industry workers, a fund to which MoveOn members have already donated more than $100,000.

Consider creating your own mutual aid network: Here's a great guide to getting started, with more resources linked, and join the Mutual Aid slack network for more resources and community.

Have a COVID-19 question? Ask a scientist. The Federation of American Scientists has an online portal of frequently asked questions and an opportunity to submit your questions to scientists for an answer. We've all seen bad information on coronavirus floating around on the internet. When in doubt, don't reference a meme. Ask a scientist!

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