How to check your Assignment Account balance and Pay the Assignor

  1. Log into
  2. Click on the PAYMENTS menu item:
    Image 1
  3. Click the INVOICES item from the PAYMENTS submenu:
    Image 2
  4. Click the magnifying glass icon under the heading View:
    Image 2
  5. Review your account details:
    Image 2
  6. A negative balance is a credit to be used for assigning. So if you don’t have a negative balance below negative $20, then you should send more cash ASAP to make sure the assignor can assign you more matches. In the fictitious example, I have a zero balance which means all my funds have been used (so I need to get cash to Tom quick if I want more games).
  7. Send payments to either through RefPay in Arbiter, or drop a check at Tom’s office. 
    RefPay account:             manunited   1501353911
    Tom’s Office address:     9550 Warner Ave Suite 250, Fountain Valley CA 92708